Astute branches out into triathlon saddles with the brand new SeaLite – in stock now

The Astute SeaLite is the Italian brand's first triathlon-specific saddle and part of the updated 2016 range that includes new models for road, time trial, MTB and track use.

The SeaLite features a long tapered nose and deep central groove, resulting in a semi split-nosed design that's not too dissimilar from some of the hugely popular designs from the likes of ISM and Cobb. The SeaLite's nose is slimmer than the offerings from both of these brands though, which should limit chafing on the inside of the thighs when climbing.

Unlike the sharp, almost 90-degree edge of the Fizik Tritone and the ultra-narrow, more pointed shape of the Selle Italia Iron, Astute's design features a smooth taper and plenty of padding for increased comfort as the hips roll forward.

The centre of the groove features a drainage port to help aid with tri short drying following the swim, the colour here matched to that of the soft-touch underside rear section, allowing you to colour coordinate with your ride in either blue, yellow, fuchsia, red or lime.

Astute SeaLite Triathlon Saddle

The SeaLite's deep groove, drainage system and long rails make it ideal for triathlon

The specially shaped single-density memory foam pad gives just the right amount of comfort and support for the thinner pads of tri shorts while the premium Italian microfibre cover won't soak up any moisture. The cover also features fine grip lines to avoid slippage when working hard in an aero tuck. The half-hexagon shaping at the back of the saddle should also make retrieving rear mounted bottles that little bit easier.

At 250mm, the SeaLite is one of Astute's shorter saddles, yet the brand has specced extra-long full 3K carbon rails to allow a greater range of adjustment to cater for over-the-BB set-ups favoured by triathletes seeking to maximise hip angles and save something for the run. The nylon-carbon shell and carbon rails contribute to the saddle's phenomenal weight, which comes in at around 185g (+/- 8%).

Like all Astute's saddles, the SeaLite is handmade in Italy by a team boasting over 40 years' experience in the industry – and the result is exceptional. Astute's Cover Design System (CDS) utilises a bottom platform to the nylon-carbon shell that seals the underside of the saddle to cover all other manufacturing processes for a flawless staple and glue free finish.

All in all, the balance of comfort, low weight, exceptional looks and thoughtful design should make the SeaLite a winner for multisporters everywhere. We'll have more on the SeaLite after we've got a few hundred kms logged on the TT bike.

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