Europe's only Enve demo centre gives riders the chance to 'try before you buy'

Saddleback and Enve have joined forces with BikePark Wales to open the continent's first Enve demo centre. This new partnership, which also involves Enve stepping forward as a park sponsor, allows riders visiting the BPW to test the world's best carbon wheels on some of the finest trails in the UK.

A complete demo fleet caters for users of 26-, 27.5-, and 29-inch wheels, which riders can book online before arriving. Once on site, the BikePark Wales team will look after each demo customer, fitting the wheels and maintaining contact throughout the day. What's more, the £70 rental fee also includes testing multiple wheelsets should riders wish to cross compare before buying.

If riders decide to buy a wheelset, that £70 will come off the price tag either at BikePark Wales' on-site store or at their local Enve dealer via a voucher to be issued upon rental of the wheels. Full details of this programme will be communicated to dealers in the coming weeks.

UK Enve brand manager, Ash Matthews, said: "This partnership with BikePark Wales is a great opportunity for Enve. We've been fans of what they are doing at the park since day one. As both a sponsor of the park and a demo partner we have a great opportunity for our customers to test our products on some of the best trails in the UK.

"Purchasing a set of Enve wheels is not something you do every day and we want our customers to be sure they have chosen the perfect product for their riding style. The demo centre at BPW will allow customers to try multiple wheels on their own bike allowing them to be sure they have made the right choice."

BikePark Wales director, Martin Astley, added: "The addition of Enve as both a sponsor of the park and a demo partner along with the new online booking system must surely make us one of, if not the, best places in the UK to try before you buy."

For more information on the Enve demo scheme, get in touch with Martin Astley at

Images: Russell Burton