Enve launches SES 5.6 Disc and SES 7.8 Disc clincher wheels to expand its aerodynamic wheel range

Enve has today revealed details of its new SES 5.6 Disc and SES 7.8 Disc clincher wheelsets, which bring together ultra aerodynamic performance with the power of disc braking. The new wheels are due to arrive in the UK at the end of April.

In typical Enve style, the new wheelsets aren't just the company's regular rim-brake models laced to disc hubs – the US-brand has developed the new disc versions from scratch, the designs undergoing extensive in-frame aero development at the Mercedes AMG Petronas Wind-tunnel through Enve's partnership with renowned aerodynamicist Simon Smart.

Through redeveloping the rims without the structural constraints of a braking surface, the Enve team have managed to achieve aerodynamic performance that matches or improves on the brand's rim brake models.

"Eliminating the design constraints of a braking surface allowed us to take a liberal approach to what is possible with rim shapes and structure," says Enve VP of R&D, Scott Nielson. "We tested several dozen shape concepts and found the best improvements we could make were subtle changes to the curvature of the sidewall through the brake track."

With the heat build-up of a carbon braking surface no longer a consideration, rim weights could be reduced for lower rotational inertia and a more responsive and compliant wheel. The disc versions of the 7.8 rim come in at 125g lighter than the rim models while maintaining the same levels of impact resistance and stiffness.

As well as utilising Enve's MTB disc expertise, the new wheels have also benefitted from previous SES developments meaning the front rims are wider and shallower to minimise the trade-off between drag reduction and variable crosswind stability while the rear rims are slightly deeper and narrower for maximum drag reduction.

The SES 5.6 wheels are 29mm wide and 54mm deep at the front and 28mm wide and 63mm deep at the rear with the SES 7.8 wheels being 29mm wide and 71mm deep at the front and 27.5mm wide and 80mm deep at the rear.

The wheels also have differing shapes, as Simon Smart explains: "With the first generation SES wheels, both the front and back rims have the same rim shape from front to back. By further manipulating the rim shapes to perform in their given air-flow fields, front of the bike versus back of the bike, we can make wheels more efficient, stable, and responsive."

The elimination of heat on the rim surface also ensures a better interface for tubeless tyres, which offers road riders hugely improved puncture resistance, while the wheels have been aerodynamically optimised for 25mm tyres.

"The rolling resistance benefits of larger volume road tyres led us down a path where the latest generation of SES wheels including the SES 5.6 and 7.8 Disc are optimised for 25mm road tubeless tyres," says Enve director of marketing, Jake Pantone. "Consequently, tubeless becomes exponentially more user-friendly with added tyre volume. For Enve's customers, this means that if you buy an SES tubeless compatible wheelset and carefully select a high-performance tubeless tyre, your wheelset will have leading aerodynamics, rolling efficiency, and flat resistance; that's technology I want when I line up for my next event."

In addition to supreme aerodynamic performance, the addition of disc brakes means more stopping power for later braking into corners, equalling faster average speeds when racing; making the new wheels ideal for road cyclists and triathletes on modern, disc-equipped bikes.

The new Enve SES 7.8 Disc and SES 5.6 Disc wheelsets will be available from Saddleback from the end of April.

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