The previous Intense Tracer 275 was Intense's most successful bike ever, it was a very good bike. Making a good bike great is very difficult and can be a risky process, there is a great deal of expectation and it's important to ensure that the overall package is not only improved, but significantly better than it's predecessor.

The 2017 Tracer 275C marks the start of an exciting new collaborative design and engineering partnership at Intense. It is the first bike that was created as a partnership between Intense and Barcelona based CERO design. For those who are not familiar with CERO it is the design and engineering agency owned by former World Cup downhill racer Cesar Rojo. CERO have been behind many of the most exciting developments in mountain bike design in recent years including forward geometry and the exclusive UNNO brand. Cesar and his team have worked closely with Intense founder Jeff Steber and Intense product manager Chad Peterson to create a revolutionary new enduro machine.

Every part of the new Tracer is completely re-designed for 2017. Starting with geometry the bike is significantly longer than its predecessor, it is slacker with a 65 degree head angle and it has a steep seat angle providing an excellent climbing position. The result is a stable bike that remains highly manoeuvrable due to the relatively short 343mm chainstay. The suspension is also all new, it retains the JS link as used on the Spider, Primer, Recluse and ACV but in a completely new layout for a much more progressive, more downhill oriented curve. The result is suspension that feels incredibly plush, almost downhill bike like and a bike that likes, wants to be ridden fast on unforgiving terrain.

Like the other new JS-Tuned bikes released during 2016 the Tracer 275C is available in 2 different carbon layups, an ultra light SL version with a carbon top link and Ti bolts and a "normal" carbon version with an alloy link. The SL version will be available as a frame only for £3,100 with a Fox Float X2 shock and complete bikes will start from £4,200 for the foundation model.

Intense have not held back on the look of the new bike, there is a choice of "wild or mild' at each spec level and we feel this is perhaps the best looking bike Intense have made to date. The clean lines and striking paint jobs make a bike that will not be missed on the trail.

The 2017 Tracer is an important bike for the Californian uber brand and from the few months we've been lucky enough to have one on test here at Saddleback we think they nailed it!