Our creative team is never happier than when showing off our brands through carefully designed, bespoke store POS. Here's how it works...

Creating bespoke POS for a store is a fantastic way to support dealers who put faith in us and commit to our brands, but it's also a reflection of our desire to have products displayed in a way that befits the most prestigious names in cycling. Saddleback's head of creative, Nick Cox, explains how we go about creating in-store brand havens.

"The process starts with a dealer expressing interest in enhanced POS via their rep and after a quick measure up, I create rough visuals of how I envision the fit should look when complete. We try to cover everything from the actual product display to signage, imagery and how we think customers will interact with products within the space. In terms of furniture, we source it based on the needs of each individual store, customising to add suitable brand details.

"After the brand managers have looked over the designs to be sure they reflect the values of each brand, everything's costed and the proposal is submitted to the dealer. It's usually at this point that store owners get really enthusiastic and decide they want an even bigger Saddleback POS presence!

"Once everyone's happy, we order all the supplies, get the signage fabricated and ensure we have all the furniture required. The fit itself is the most difficult yet fulfilling thing; you have to think on your feet a lot – most buildings aren't exactly square! I work with Ross to tailor the best possible display in the space we have, finishing by dressing all the products in correspondence with brand guidelines.

"We go in wanting to show our brands at their best and always leave having outshone the competition. It's amazing to see a bare space transformed into a stunning high-end display over the course of a day; there's a real sense of achievement at the end of it all."

If you're a Saddleback dealer interested in improving your store POS, please get in touch with your local area rep.

Photos: Saddleback / Russell Burton