The latest updates on Rotor's 2INpower twin-leg power meter due for launch this spring

Rotor has released more details on 2INpower, the Spanish brand's new two-sided power meter, which will be available later this spring with an RRP of £1,200 and has a weight of just 645g.

The new 2INpower meter extends the technology of the original Rotor INpower by doubling the strain gauges for true left / right leg balance and also adds Bluetooth Smart functionality as well as a built-in, USB-rechargeable Li-ion battery. Here are the headline details, additional information below:

  • True independent left-right leg measurement
  • Rechargeable internal 3.7V Li-ion battery
  • Rubber battery cover hiding watertight magnetic charging interface
  • 250 hours' riding time per charge
  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity for increased compatibility
  • Bluetooth App for phones due before the end of 2016
  • Compatible with most frame standards including BB30, PressFit30, BBright, BB386EVO, BB86 and ITA / BSA threaded
  • Five bolt, 110BCD spider supporting up to 56t chainrings
  • 165, 170, 172.5 and 175mm crankarm lengths
  • CNC-machined 7055 aluminium construction
  • Weight: approx 645g

The new design provides power data for each leg independently, giving precise feedback on where improvements can be made to offer an advantage to those pushing the limits of performance. The four axle-based strain gauges of the original INpower remain, giving data from the left leg while four more have been added to the right crankarm itself.

Rotor's Irene Albacete, lead engineer for 2INpower, said: "A person with a 50/50 balance in his or her power output is extremely rare, if even that person exists.

"We knew that the next step was to take advantage of INpower's technology and accuracy to develop a dual-sided power meter with the same features as INpower but which could provide power data equally in the right leg as in the left."

2INpower was first seen in the wild at the Tour Down Under in January, where eagle-eyed spotters from BikeRadar and Cycling Weekly were among the media to highlight the prototype design being tested by members of Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka.

Since then, the design has been finalised, with slick red ends to the crankarms marking the 2INpower out from its sibling. The battery cover has also changed; it's now a smaller rubber design that pivots out the way for access. Behind the cover is the rechargeable battery port, which uses a magnetic USB cable to recharge – maintaining water tightness – and an LED indicating battery level. Each charge offers approximately 250 hours of riding time.

Metrics for power, cadence, leg balance, torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness are transmitted through a standard ANT+ protocol, making 2INpower compatible with a wide variety of head units including Garmin.

2INpower will be available in 110BCD only, which allows riders to go as low as 34t on the inner chainring and as large as 56t on the outer. The new unit will come in 165, 170, 172.5 and 175mm crankarm lengths and features Rotor's UBB 30mm spindle, giving compatibility with the vast majority of frame standards, from BSA and Italian threaded to BBright, PF30 and BB386.

The crankset itself is made from CNC-machined 7055 aluminium and shares the same industry-leading characteristics as Rotor's ultra-stiff, ultra-light 3D+ system.

2INpower will also be compatible with Rotor's INpower software, which enables users to find their perfect Q-Ring set-up via a simple Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA) test. The system's design also retains INpower's complete compatibility with Q-Rings, meaning no inflated power figures as with some other units.

The new model will be officially launched in April, though stock is anticipated to arrive in the UK this May. 2INpower will cost £1,200. Stay tuned to for more information.