Rotor unveils new enduro Hawk and Raptor cranksets along with direct mount QX1 oval rings and Shimano Deore XT Q-Rings at Eurobike

Ever innovating, Rotor has created a buzz at Eurobike with its new Hawk and Raptor enduro / all mountain cranksets alongside new 1x direct mount QX1 rings for SRAM and Race Face users and a fresh Q-Rings design for Shimano Deore XT.

Rotor Hawk Crankset

rotor hawk crankset eurobike 2
Rotor's new Hawk enduro / all-mountain crankset

Rotor's new Hawk crankset is designed specifically for enduro and all-mountain use and was created with input from French star Cedric Gracia. The Hawk applies Rotor's usual principles of performance via lightweight and stiffness, but adds in a host of other features.

Eschewing the factory-assembled arm and axle, Rotor is launching Hawk in a modular format with crankarms, axle and chainrings available to suit each bike and rider. Both crankarms can be removed from the axle, allowing compatibility with standard (164mm q-factor), boost (170mm q-factor) and downhill BBs (179mm q-factor) via different axle lengths.

The Hawk crank makes use of Rotor's new direct mount Q-Rings (see below) which allow each rider to tailor their optimum chainring position to smooth out pedal power and maintain traction on loose, steep terrain.

The cranks themselves are made from 100 per cent CNC-machined 7055 aluminium for stiffness and light weight and come in 165, 170 and 175mm lengths. When pairing the latter of these with a standard axle and 30T QX1 ring, the whole set-up weighs only 665g.

Rubber bumpers designed especially for the new crankset slip securely over the crankarm to protect from heel rub and damage on the trails. They also allow colour coordination thanks to seven colour options: black; blue; green; yellow; red; pink; and orange.

Rotor Raptor Crankset

rotor raptor crankset 1
Rotor's forged and CNC-machined Raptor MTB crankset

Rotor has also launched Raptor – a sister product to the Hawk that boasts the same modular concept and aesthetics but is made from forged and CNC-machines 6082 aluminium alloy. This adds a little weight compared to the cutting-edge Hawk, but at 715g for a complete crankset, standard axle and 30T QX1 ring, it's still a lightweight package that maintains that all-important stiffness and performance.

Direct mount QX1 Q-Rings

rotor direct mount q rings
Rotor's new direct-mount QX1 Q-Rings for Hawk, Raptor, SRAM and Race Face

Rotor's new direct mount Q-Rings bring performance-enhancing ovality to SRAM and Race Face crankset owners in 30, 32 and 34t chainring sizes.

The 1x system features two splined designs to ensure compatibility with SRAM GXP, SRAM BB30 and Race Face Cinch. The spiderless rings can be swapped out easily with only an 8mm hex key while three Optimum Chainring Posistions allow you to tailor your set-up to get the most from Q-Rings' ultra-smooth pedalling feel.

QX1 direct-mount chainrings' simplified design saves around 40g compared to the traditional ring, bolts and spider combination. Each ring is also machined from a single piece of aluminium to optimise stiffness, strength and durability.

Shimano Deore XT Q-Rings

rotor shimano xt q ring
Rotor's new Shimano XT compatible Q-Ring

Mirroring Rotor's creation of Q-Rings for Shimano's unique road cranksets, the Spanish brand is now offering an oval solution for mountain bikers sporting Deore XT cranksets. The new Q-Rings come in QX1 and QX2 options for 1x and double set-ups respectively. The QX1 rings comes in 32, 34 and 36t sizes with the smallest weighing just 53g. Riders committed to a double up front can choose from 39/26, 38/25 and 36/22t pairings.

Stay tuned for updates on Rotor's road cycling range from Eurobike.