Silca adds multitools, seat rolls and mini ratchet torque wrenches to its growing collection of the world's finest tools and pumps

Silca had a broad selection of new gear at Eurobike as the US-based brand continues to draw upon its Italian heritage and blend traditional quality with modern inspiration. The result is more practical, great-looking products to make the experience of riding all the richer.

Seat Roll Premio

Silca Premio Seat Roll
The new Silca Premio Seat Roll with BOA closure

Following on from the brand's experiments with extremely limited edition seat rolls last year, the Seat Roll Premio expresses Silca's usual trinity of style, ingenuity and durability. Made from hot-melt waxed canvas for waterproofing, Silca has also added reflective cross-stitching for added visibility.

The simple roll-up design features three internal pockets and uses a new Boa closure system for quick, simple and secure attachment to your saddle rails. There's also a central strap for additional security. Silca is offering the Premio as-is or in a 'Loaded' version that comes complete with Silca's EOLO inflator and the new Tredici multitool.

Tredici and Nove multitools

Silca Tredici And Nove Multitools
Silca's new Tredici And Nove Multitools

Satisfyingly billed as Italian Army Knives, these fold-out multi-tool are packed with virtually everything you need for on-the-go tinkering.

The Tredici boasts 13 stainless steel chrome plated bits including hex keys, screwdrivers, torx keys and a disc pad separator. All this functionality weighs only 105g. The smaller Nove multitool has nine bits, keeping down the weight by dropping a couple of torx keys and the pad separator. Both tools feature small magnets on the inside of the forged and machined aluminium side plates to securely hold spare master link type chain links.

T-Ratchet and Torque Kit

Silca T Ratchet And Ti Torque Kit
The Silca T Ratchet And Ti Torque Kit comes in this custom case

An innovative go anywhere ratchet and torque wrench, the T-Ratchet and Torque kit was one of the most successful Kickstarter projects ever and is now well into production. The set comes complete with 10 hardened S-2 steel bits including hex, torx and Philips screwdriver and has a modular design for multiple applications. Meanwhile the Ti-Torque gives accurate on the go adjustment. The tools are housed in a hardwearing hand-stitched waxed canvas and ripstop nylon case. Read the full details on the T-Ratchet and Ti-Torque.

All these new products from Silca are due to hit the UK this winter season. Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements from this prolific brand soon!