Stages Cycling's first carbon-armed power meter now in stock and available to order

Saddleback is pleased to announce that Stages' first carbon-armed power meters are now in stock and available to order via our B2B site.

Stages' carbon power meters were unveiled at Eurobike 2015 following intensive development that challenged the Stages engineering team to overcome the difficulties of accurately measuring carbon deflection in varying temperatures. The result is a redesigned unit that's visually identical to the company's other Gen2 modules and offers riders the same simple, easy to use, yet feature rich, power measurement.

Two carbon Stages options are currently available with Campagnolo units due later this spring.

The FSA SL-K Light crankarm (RRP £599) applies Stages' technology to a stock crankarm in the same way as Stages' aluminium offerings use range and manufacturer-specific crankarms.

The Stages Carbon power meter (RRP £599) is an own-brand crankarm that opens up compatibility for SRAM and FSA BB30 crankset users thanks to three spindles – available at the point of purchase for RRP £65 – which cater for a variety of crankset types (see table below). Developed in partnership with FSA, the hollow carbon crankarm weighs just 140g and has been designed to maintain the aesthetics of users' existing carbon cranksets.

Spindle choice for Stages Carbon

While the Stages Carbon meter will work with FSA BB386EVO cranksets without additional parts, all SRAM carbon cranksets utilise a non-driveside spindle. Stages has therefore created three spindles to cater for the plethora of crankset q-factors on the market, resulting in three spindles to suit a wide range of bike set-ups.

Crank Model

Compatible Stages BB30 Spindle


No spindle required

SRAM Red 22 BB30
SRAM Red Exogram BB30 (2012 and newer)

Spindle A

SRAM Force 22 BB30
SRAM Force CX1 BB30
SRAM Force 1 BB30
SRAM Rival 22 BB30

Spindle B

SRAM XX1 BB30 (168 q-factor)
SRAM XX BB30 (168 q-factor)

Spindle C

Note on compatibility with Spindle C: Spindle C is not compatible with OEM-specific versions of SRAM cranksets that come stock on certain bikes. These cranks use a longer spindle that will not be compatible to be switched out with Spindle C. Stages will be adding an upcoming model, Spindle D, to address this compatibility. To check if your crank is the OEM version, measure the size of your non-drive side space.

If your spacer is 9mm, you're good to go with Spindle C.

If your spacer is 15.5mm, you will need to wait for Spindle D to become available.

DEALER INFORMATION: View Stages Carbon on the B2B site.