Stages Power meters have been an incredible tool for cyclists looking to take their performance to the next level, however with the release of the Stages Dash head unit and Stages Link software, the three combined become an incredibly powerful complete performance ecosystem.

Stages Dash

Stages Dash is the most powerful and personalised training tool in cycling; whether you want to just take it out of the box and ride, or you want to dial in every aspect. Dash was designed to turn cycling data into increased performance through a smart, simple and powerful experience for every rider.

// Key Features

  • 2.7" LCD display with 240 x 400 resolution and anti-glare coating.
  • Fully waterproof with IXP7 water resistance rating.
  • Aluminium mount with ability to run landscape and portrait views.
  • 25-30 hour battery life with micro-USB charging.
  • Wire or wireless data transfer to Stages Link.
  • Compatible with Ant+ and Bluetooth Protocols.

// Set Up

Dash's Smart Set-Up comes with the appropriate layouts,depending on what sensors you have paired, straight out of the box. If you pair your power meter, Stages Dash will automatically display power along with the most important metrics.

// Navigation

On start-up, Dash allows you to change the activity profile, calibrate a sensor, access the main menu or start a ride. Five easy-to-press buttons allow the rider to navigate the entire device.

// Syncing

Stages Dash firmware is designed to reference data files that cues all settings and rider information. Syncing Stages Dash and Link allow the user to manage Dash from anywhere.

// Interface

The user interface is intuitive enough to operate Dash without instruction. Incorporating landscape and portrait orientations for different bike profiles with multi-level menus helps to make Dash the most customisable head unit on the market.

// Customisation

Dash offers up to 16 data fields per page with five pages per bike profile. Split screen and multiple bike profiles are possible too for even more customisation.

// Unit Compatability

Dash is compatible with all Ant+ and Bluetooth protocols.

// File Compatability

Dash files are compatible with Stages Link and other analysis sites like Strava, Training Peaks and Map My Ride.

// Display

Stages Dash can be set up to display full- or half-pages, allowing for half a page of static measurements, while the other half of the page scrolls through a series of user selected metrics at the touch of a button.

// Mounting

Multiple Dash handlebar mounts are available to fit almost any application.

// Workouts

Workouts on Dash is one of its most powerful features. Integrating Dash with Link will automatically sync upcoming workouts every time a Bluetooth or USB connection is made. Workouts offer notifications and targets for each segment of the workout.

// Coaching

Coaching Portal is available through Stages Link.

// Maps

Dash will have maps. Utilising North American and GLONASS protocols for GPS, courses can be loaded onto Dash via Stages Link, providing an overlay on the breadcrumb map along with push notifications for turn-by-turn directions from a Bluetooth enabled smartphone.

Stages Link

The Stages Link system is backed by the industry's most advanced analysis capabilities currently being used in the professional peloton. Stages Link custom tailors training plans and daily workouts to benefit rider performance and enable performance goals, whether the goal is to simply improve fitness or target specific races over multiple seasons.

// Link Features

  • Single location hosts ride and workout data, training plans and Dash and Power management.
  • Stages Link guides you through building a custom training plan to meet your goals.
  • Stages Link Activity Analysis allows for clear and easy to interpret data analysis.
  • Guidance to create dynamic training plans based around the rider's schedule.
  • Manager monitors the health of your power meter, firmware updates and Zero Offset.
  • Stages Link's Dash manager allows all settings, page layouts, activity profiles, sensor data, and device information to be accessed and edited within the Stages Link device manager.
  • Always free access to basic data collection/analysis and power meter/Dash manager.
  • Ability to connect to Strava, Training Peaks.
  • Free premium access to all services for 60 days.

// Link App Features

  • Serving as your wireless connection between ? Stages Dash and your cloud based data.
  • Stages Link App is stored and updated by the most recent change no matter where you change it.
  • Update your Stages Power Meter Firmware and Zero offset calibration.
  • Access your Stages Link performance data, Calendar and Workout editor.
  • Update your Stages Dash Firmware.
  • Push your Stages Dash data wirelessly to Strava, Training Peaks etc.

Stages Power

Your Stages Power meter uses strain gauges to measure the force you're putting through the crankarm. This force is multiplied by the speed at which the crank arm is moving (cadence or RPM), the calculate the 'power' you are doing, measured in Watts. It then doubles this to account for both legs - that's the power output you see on your head unit, sent by your Stages every second.

// Intelligent

Stages Power meters are packed with technology including Active Temperature Compensation (ATC), which ensures accuracy in changeable conditions and eliminates the need for zero resets while riding. Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ communication protocols mean Stages works with virtually every power-compatible head unit while it can also communicate with online training programs such as Stages Link, Trainer Road or Zwift.

// Simple

If you're running a Shimano, Campagnolo, FSA, Cannondale or SRAM crankset, Stages is for you. Installation takes minutes and battery changes – every 200 hours or so of riding – don't require any tools. There are no magnets or wires either, as cadence is measured by an accelerometer.

// Compact

Adding only 20g to your crankset, Stages won't hold you back on the climbs. The Gen2 Stages Power meters are also 28% slimmer and offer a 17% reduction in frontal area, meaning excellent clearances and no compromise in the looks of your crankset.

// Tested

In addition to superb reviews from the world's leading cycling publications, Stages Power meters are also tried, tested and approved by Team Sky. Chris Froome won the 2016 Tour on the exact same Stages unit you can buy in your local bike store.

// Durable

With no moving parts, a waterproof housing made from the same material as bullet-proof glass and a 200% increase in the strength of the battery door and housing connection, Gen2 Stages Power meters are ready for any cycling challenge.

// Future-Proof

Bluetooth Smart compatibility allows you to easily update your Stages' firmware via smartphone. Simply download the easy to use StagesPower app for iOS or Android to stay up to date. It'll even tell you your battery level.

To purchase a Stages Dash unit, please use the dealer locator to find your nearest dealer.

They will be able to provide you with all the support you need to make the most of the Dash, Link and Power combo.