Top UK women's squad Team WNT find their perfect Rotor Q-Rings set-up with a little help from Saddleback

Riders from Team WNT – recently announced as starters in the Tour de Yorkshire – visited Saddleback last week to complete Rotor's OCA testing protocol and find out their optimum Q-Ring setup.

The visit to Saddleback HQ came after the 2016 launch of the Rotor-sponsored team last month, when brand manager and ex-elite rider, Dan Duguid, talked the nine-strong Tour-Series contending team through the benefits of Q-Rings and INpower.

Team riders Jo Tindley, Hannah Walker, Sam Burman, Corrine Clarke, Keira McVitty, Becca Carter and Natalie Grinczer joined Dan, Ross Grimmett and Tom Ballard for the day and were all tested using Rotor's INpower software, which analyses the optimum angle for Q-Rings in real time as the athletes complete a high intensity test. Following the efforts, Tom and Dan analysed the results and Ross made adjustments to the Q-Rings where needed.

"I felt really privileged to have the help and knowledge of Dan, Tom and Ross from Saddleback assisting me find my optimum position for my Rotor Q-Rings," says Hannah Walker. "I was really reluctant to try the Q-Rings when I heard I had the opportunity to race and train with them in 2016 with my team, Team WNT. However, after using them for a few weeks, they feel fantastic.

"Personally I thought there'd be a drastic change to my pedalling style and to the feel of riding my bike, but the Q-Rings just make my pedal stroke feel smoother and effortless. I'd certainly recommend them to anyone, whether you're a keen hobby cyclist or a racing cyclist."

"Knowing you've got the right OCP is a real confidence booster and takes away so much of the trepidation people sometimes feel when transitioning to Q-Rings," says Dan. "It was fantastic to test the team and we're looking forward to seeing them riding Rotor in the Tour Series and Tour de Yorkshire this season."