Castelli Team Sky Perfetto 2 Light

The Perfetto 2 Light is the slightly lighter younger brother of the Gabba you know and love.

When the pros asked for a compromise between the warmth of a Gabba and the weight of the Perfetto Vest, Castelli answered with the Perfetto 2 Light. The Perfetto 2 Light is almost the same construction as the Gabba but Castelli have used a Nano Light Pro fabric on the back which allows your body to breath so you don't overheat.

Whilst the Gabba is a favourite of the pro riders, the Perfetto 2 Light will have you protected on those cooler days where it is dry or a little light rain expected and the fit is incredible for a piece of of foul weather kit.

Don't think of the Perfetto 2 as a replacement for the Gabba or the Perfetto Vest - it has earned it's place in the Perfetto family of kit and will be a key piece of kit in the Team Sky arsenal this year!

RRP £160.00

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