Rotor Collection

Back in 1994, ROTOR set out to eliminate dead spots in the pedal stroke IN ORDER TO IMPROVE PEDAL EFFICIENCY. It's safe to say, 22 years on, they have been more than successful.

The real game changer was in 2006 with the release of Q-Rings. In order to gain smoother, more efficient pedalling and reduce stress on the knees, Q-Rings are designed to essentially increase the gear ratio in the more powerful phases of the pedal stroke, and decrease the gear ratio in the dead spots.

The innovation didn't stop at Q-Rings. Utilising their vast experience in engineering and aeronautic-grade materials, Rotor also produce a range of high-end cranks, power meters and bottom brackets – all honed in the world of professional road cycling, mountain biking and triathlon.

Everything Rotor do is with one intention: to improve your cycling experience regardless of discipline or level.

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