Silca Collection

With a long and illustrious history of making the finest bicycle pumps in the world for almost 100 years, SILCA strive to create products that are innovative, functional, durable and beautiful.

Since their humble beginnings in 1917, SILCA have pushed the boundaries of innovation in order to meet the demands of modern cycling. By building the Pista Pump with a built-in pressure gauge, the bike pump design was changed forever.

Whether it's a SuperPista floor pump, an Impero frame pump or the new ultra-high-end tool sets Silca have moved into, you can guarantee you've got a pump/tool set that years and years of use will ensure you grow incredibly fond of.

On top of the incredible build quality of all SILCA products, all ' Ultimate Level' products are covered by the SILCA-Shield Warranty. If you register your products with SILCA, the SILCA-Shield Warranty covers you for 2 years with a no questions asked repair or replacement guarantee, aswell as a 25 Year Hard Parts Guarantee. If you break any hard part, they will replace or repair it so you can get a lifetime of performance from your SILCA product.

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