Get to know Sidi's Alessandra Covre a little better as the brand's export manager answers our random questions!

Who is Alessandra Covre?

I'm the Export Manager at Sidi. I consider myself a cheerful and optimistic person, I am fond of sports – any sport – and I've tried many in my life, from horse riding to diving. Of course, I love cycling; though today, with a four-year-old boy, I have to say that in the little free time I have, I really love playing with bulldozers and tractors with him!

How did you find your way into the cycling industry?

It was purely by chance! I came from a company that traded sporting goods (then called Benetton Sportsystem) including Nordica skis and ski boots, Rollerblade skates… I always liked cycling and I come from a family of motorcyclists, so I found myself perfectly at ease right away at Sidi.

Weight weenie, aero geek or or off-road junkie?

To be honest, I'm not riding at that level where you care much about the weight of your bike or how aerodynamic it is. The reason I ride my bike is because I love it; I'm not training to race. I also love the 'touristic side' of my bike rides: exploring new places, enjoying the beautiful landscapes... I'm a recreational type of rider – but let it be clear that I do not want to be the last one of the group and I never am!

How would you describe yourself as a rider?

I started riding mountain bikes with my dad when younger, then after a few years of working at Sidi, I started riding a road bike too. As I said before, right now it's hard for me to find enough time for good bike rides and I have to make myself happy with a city bike equipped with a child's seat on the back! My son Nicola has already shown his passion for bicycles and I'm confident that we will start riding together soon!

What can you do better than anyone else you know?

I don't think I'm presumptuous enough to answer this question! I always try to do my best, that's it!

What's the piece of cycling kit you couldn't live without?

What a question! I couldn't live without my Sidi shoes obviously!

Where's your favourite place in the world to ride?

We are very lucky here because we have many wonderful places to ride: Montello or Mount Grappa, the Asolo area… but we're also not far from the marvelous Dolomites!

What's your best piece of advice for new riders?

Ride with a group of friends and enjoy the territory. This helped me a lot in the beginning and I've learned a lot from more experienced cyclists.

Who's your cycling hero?

I can't say I have a cycling hero, to me they are all heroes, even the unknown guy who will never win a race. Cycling is so demanding and exhausting that any rider who competes in a race is a hero.

Who does your hair?

Why, do you want to copy my hair style?!

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