Taking their name from the roughest cobbles of Paris-Roubaix, Castelli's Arenberg Gel cycling gloves are designed to maintain comfort and grip over the toughest terrain

This Cobbled-Classic inspiration translates perfectly to the UK's many terrible cracked, chipped roads, making the Arenberg Gels the ideal gloves for everyday riding in Britain.

Roads around Saddleback HQ might be a little way from the chain-rattling cobbles of the Arenberg Forest that have inspired the gloves, but there are plenty of ill-maintained lanes that create a jolting staccato of the handlebars. It's here that Castelli's Arenberg Gel gloves excel.

Three gel pads on the palm soak up plenty of buzz and the difference in comfort is obvious – as is the added grip offered by the silicone finish when riding over broken surfaces that threaten to wrest the bars from your hands. Unlike some gel padding, Castelli has perfected the shape and placement for the Arenbergs so that they protect the tissue and nerves underneath, but don't bunch up or impede the feeling of connection with the bike.

The palm is made from AX Suede, a durable triple fibre blend material that's soft, light and wicked away sweat effortlessly even on long, hot rides. The perforations across the palm, fingers and thumb also increase breathability. Comfort is aided further by a reinforced section of AX Suede between the thumb and the index finger, which gives a little extra support when on the drops or hoods.

The back of the Arenberg is made from a stretchy polyester/elastane blend with the knuckles covered by breathable micromesh. There's also an ultra-soft terry cloth section over the thumb that proved very useful for nose-wiping or clearing that stray bead of sweat when working hard up climbs.

As you'd expect from Castelli, the gloves have a close, racy fit with nothing to flap or irritate while the stretchy material between the fingers doesn't dig in, a faux pas that affects so many brands' gloves. The pull tab between the middle fingers is also a simple, but handy feature to get the gloves off easily. Finally, the slim Velcro closure lets you find just the right fit and stays secure throughout the longest rides.