Silca launches SpeedBalance, a new aerodynamic wheel balancing system with integrated computer magnet

Like the rest of US-brand Silca's range, SpeedBalance is designed to improve your cycling experience. The new system gives a performance and style upgrade by combining a wheel balancing system and computer magnet inside an aerodynamic pod.

The trend for deeper aerodynamic wheels with ever-lighter rims means that the amount of imbalance created by longer valves has increased. According to Silca owner and former Zipp aero guru Josh Poertner, aero wheels in the 60 to 90mm depth range are 10 to 20g heavier around the valve stem. In addition to valves and valve extenders, reinforcement around the valve hole, carbon overlaps and inner tube overlaps all contribute to imbalance around that one crucial point. It's this imbalance that can cause irritating vibrations and dangerous instability at speed.

While pro mechanics have long since used spoke-mounted magnets to help re-balance the wheel, such magnets aren't the best option for the marginal gains crowd, draining riders steadily of 1w of energy at 30mph.

SpeedBalance offers customisable wheel balancing via four 2.5g tungsten balance masses while the N52 Rare Earth Magnet is stronger than most used for cycling computers and triggers sensors up to 15mm away. All this is secured in an aerodynamic pod and once installed, the system saves 1.5w per pair of wheels – a greater advantage than a ceramic bearing upgrade.

Each kit includes two Speedbalance Pods and two SpeedShield Valve Pods, which are used to balance the wheel and attach directly to the rim.

Silca SpeedBalance kits will be arriving in the UK soon. Check out more details on SpeedBalance at the Silca website.